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What are the Leading Causes of Left Turn Motorcycle Accidents?

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Left turn motorcycle accidents are very dangerous, especially for bikers and they happen when a rider is hit by a car that is turning left. Unfortunately, they are the most common type of crashes. In fact, the NHTSA recorded 2,600 fatal bike collisions in 2017 and 1,098 of these crashes, a vehicle was turning left while the rider was either going straight, overtaking or passing. The bikers involved can suffer life-changing injuries such as spinal cord injuries, skull fractures, broken bones, facial disfigurement or even death. Victims of bike crashes are entitled to compensation if the negligent driver is liable for the crash. Victims of this type of crash need great lawyers who can help them get a fair amount of reimbursement, especially since such crashes are usually severe and very costly. According to the motorcycle accident lawyers at Salamati Law Firm, there are several leading causes of left turn accidents.

Not seeing the biker
Bikes are small in size and can be less visible to the drivers on the roads. Sometimes the drivers fail to see the riders and slam into the bikes as they go through intersections. Poor visibility in cars can also be caused by blind spots, road obstructions and environmental conditions.

Many such crashes happen due to the car driver’s negligence when they fail to properly check the corners or intersections before making turns. In other cases, the vehicles usually plough through stop signs or stop lights, causing collisions. Drunk drivers also cause such collisions because their judgement is impaired, and they may forget to signal before making turns or pay less attention to the road.

Trying to evade a light
Sometimes motorists are in a hurry to beat the light and will turn left without seeing that the rider who has right of way is entering the intersection. The motorist ends up hitting the rider at an increased speed. Motorists can also misjudge the time they have to get through the light and end up causing a crash.

Illegally driving through intersections
Some car drivers will illegally make a left turn when there is a red light or when the rider has a right of way at a stop sign and cause a crash.

Passing vehicles
Some car drivers attempt to pass other vehicles while speeding or distracted and fail to see an oncoming rider.

Distracted driving
Drivers need to concentrate in order to see oncoming traffic or make a left turn at a light. If the driver is distracted on his phone, under the influence of drugs, or eating and drinking, he/she may fail to see the rider and cause a left-turn crash.

This type of collision is caused by many preventable factors such as evading a light, distracted driving, illegally driving through intersections, negligence, and poor visibility. If drivers are careful while driving and follow the traffic rules, these collisions can be reduced. In case of a collision, contact a lawyer that has a lot of experience in motorcycle crashes and collision cases. They will use their expertise and help you get fair compensation to cater for damages.

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