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 Two Wheel Touring: Freedom on the Open Roads

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We have a great network of roads in Australia, and more and more people are enjoying the freedom that two-wheel touring offers, and with state-of-the-art touring Yamahas to suit all styles, you and your partner can experience the freedom and independence that two-wheel touring offers.

Choosing your Bike

While all the big bike manufacturers offer touring machines, Yamaha are the market leaders, and with Yamaha motor insurance, you are covered for every eventuality. Your body size would determine the weight of your touring bike, with a mid-range 600cc engine being ideal for someone of around 60-75kg, and you should be able to put one foot on the ground while seated. The high-end tourers are 1,200cc and up, ideal for those long interstate rides, and you could graduate to one of these bikes after a few years. All top bikes have 4-stroke engines, as they are eco-friendlier than 2-stroke engines, and with high performance, you have a bike that can be exhilarating to ride.

Off-Road Experience

To really get the lost from your touring experience, you want a bike you can ride off-road, as well as on the highway, and the only way to acquire the skills needed is to ride off-road. There are bike riding schools, but common sense and hours of riding the trails will ensure that you can handle the bike off-road, and never exceed your limits and keep speeds safe.

Essential Extras

Of course, you will need a lot of extras, with panniers or bags to store essentials, and there’s a lot out there, depending on your style and comfort. Protective clothing and equipment need to be of the best quality, and with the many gadgets, your touring experience will be enhanced. GPS will ensure you never get lost, so you are advised to invest in a motorcycle GPS system, which will require a subscription but you get many great benefits like being able to call for assistance on a global network.

Planning your Expeditions

The Internet is a great learning resource and regardless of your route and destination, you can gain local knowledge with a Google search. Camping might be an attractive accommodation idea, and you can buy camping equipment that is very light and easily stored on your bike, and with a solar power blanket, you have all the energy you need to stay in the wilderness for a few days.

Experience the beauty of Australia on two wheels and you’ll be glad that you did.


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