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Simple Ways of Reducing Car Insurance

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There are plenty of complicated ways of reducing premiums and saving some money. Some people even go to the extent of registering their cars in a different address to avoid high city rates. We will only look at easy ways of getting the cheapest car insurance rates here. The point to remember is that certain details are worth more to companies. These are; who drives the vehicle, where it is kept overnight and what is the make and model.

Listed Drivers Only

When you tell the insurer that only the people you named the car insured you are limiting the risk to known factors. Some people proudly announce that their car is insured for any driver. That is fine and very convenient if your mates need to drive it once in a blue moon but it will cost you a lot of money.

Another way of using this idea is to specifically exclude certain drivers in your household. For example, you may have a young person in the house but he/she may have their own car and insurance. In that case, there is no reason to include him/her in your policy and pay a large surcharge. You only do so, if that person is really using it.

Telematics Insurance

This coverage works with a little device installed on a vehicle. It monitors your driving habits and mileage and reports it back to the company. If the data is good, you get cheap auto insurance rates. If it is bad you may have to pay a bit more or these types of policies aren’t for you. When you have a teenage driver in the household the rates suddenly skyrocket.

This would be a great way of convincing companies that your teenage driver is more responsible and won’t drive long distance or at night. He/she will keep his/her head down and drive in the home, work, school triangle. Otherwise, the costs are really high with them.

With telematics you can reduce costs by as much as 40% and all you need to do is agree on getting this device fitted and be a little mindful of the way you operate the automobile. According to the sources from the companies running these plans, people automatically improve when they know that there is a machine reporting their every move.

Shopping Around  

The problem with many vehicle insurance discounts is that a large number of them don’t apply to many people. The one method that everyone can use is shopping around for the cheapest auto insurance quotes. There are tens of companies serving even the remotest regions of the USA that give everyone a chance to try and find the best one for themselves.

The only way of doing it is just getting quotes relentlessly until you know you found the rock bottom. Each quote takes about eight minutes. So, it cannot take long to get to the bottom of things. Once you fill the first form, things quickly get almost automatic. So, keep at it until you find a good deal or get convinced that you already have a good deal.

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