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Discount Auto Insurance for Single Mothers

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Recently I was sitting down with my car insurance agent when a type of auto insurance discount was brought to my attention (and it REALLY surprised me!)

I have had to deal with expensive car insurance rates for both a teenage son and a teenage daughter. Now, it was definitely more expensive for my male child, but I was surprised to see just how expensive it was for my teen daughter when it came time to make her an insured driver.

When asking my agent about discounts, we were told about the good student discount (which we grabbed up) as well as some other more common discounts for her insurance rates.

Suddenly, my agent asked me if my 19-year-old daughter had any children. I was a little taken aback and said “Oh my, No!”.

My insurance agent just sighed and said – “That’s too bad! 

So that applies a discount to your car insurance!

But hey, take what you can get. We’re all after cheap discount auto insurance, right! Of course, you want a trusted and reputable company when you’re looking for cheap discount auto insurance for single mothers. However, you also want to remember to also find an insurance company that will compete with the big brand names to get your business and earn YOUR trust.

When searching through all the discount auto insurance companies online for singles mothers, look for a one that will let you enter your basic information and will then work hard to find you an available agent who can get you the best rate, handle any questions or concerns you have, and help you get every discount you are qualified for.

If you can’t get a real person on the phone and everything is automated, just know that not having live customer service may be one of the ways they keep their costs down and pass them on to you. But these discount auto insurance companies for single mothers usually have people available for live chats instead.

When you get a discount auto insurance quote for single mothers, you’re getting a quote that’s been pulled with information from several companies. You can know which company is the right one for you by checking them out with the state they operate in to see what their consumer record is like. Having a complaint or two on record is normal. Having several hundred or thousand is not.

Who really is the best auto insurance company for single mothers?

Truthfully, there is no right answer to that question. As a single person, you may want to save money on a cheap car insurance with no down payment; everyone does. But your age, gender, location, automobile, and your driving record all play a part in how much you pay.

You also pay more for full coverage than you will with law-mandated coverage limits. Auto insurance companies can’t promise you the best deal because each individual will have a different story when it comes to what they need and how much it will cost them….and how much it will cost YOU.

There are some auto insurance companies that offer to compare prices for singles and help you find the best discount rate. It sounds good in theory, but I’m not sure I’m buying it. They can say they are giving the quote from other companies, but how many of these quotes are accurate? I know that one of the auto insurance companies gives you four quotes from other companies.

The problem with this is that there are so many companies out there that it is impossible to know if they have selected the highest quotes and left off the ones that might truly save you money. The best way to get the best price is with old-fashioned hard work. You have to check it out for yourself and do a thorough research. You can start using reputable insurance websites like GoodtoGoInsurance to start comparing quotes for single mother insurance.

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